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With over 2000 registered members, Final Fantasy XI players now have a place to meet other players in their world and arrange a time and place to meet before undertaking a new mission, quest, or dungeon. The Vana'diel Lobby has a dedicated message board for each of FFXI's 32 Worlds. Feel free to post your charater's information on the board for your world, find out if other players on your world are interested in joining a linkshell, or anything else related to your world. For more information, please read our Forum FAQ in the Forum News board.

New FINAL FANTASY XIV website - Cities of

Ahead of the release of the new MMO from Square Enix, FINAL FANTASY XIV, we've launched a new website, Cities of We're still doing development but plan to have the site up soon. In the meantime, become a fan of Cities of XIV on Facebook or follow @citiesofxiv on Twitter.

Lobby White Pages closed

As part of our server move we will not be migrating the Lobby White Pages. We will delete the database as well as all associated data and uploads. Thanks to all of our visitors who used LWP.

Item Shop by The Vana'diel Lobby

We've restocked our shelves at the Item Shop with the newest versions of Final Fantasy XI for PC and Xbox 360, which include all four expansion packs. The popular Final Fantasy XI HORI clock is still available, plus the Moogle plush.

Lobby Gift Shop

Shirts and more still available at the Lobby Gift Shop! Buy now before we wind down our product catalog at:

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Maintenance complete, all services functional. Report issues to admin {}at{} vanadiellobby \dot\ com.